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Tried and Tested (Progeny Event, Saturday Jan 13th, 10AM ST)

Date: Jan 13, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Feronius
A string of low-profile, yet bizarre metahuman deaths have occurred throughout the city in a short span of time. The source of a house fire in Westside turned out to be the burnt up remains of a young pyrokinetic (no, it's not Red-Hot, sorry!), a multiple times juvenile offender with water manipulating found drowned way inland, a winged startup hero who plummeted to their death; the cause of death seemingly from having flown too close to the sun... or rather too high up for too long.

Separately? These are all easily dismissed as strange cold cases... were it not for the fact that each body had faint traces of an unknown mutagenic compound in their system.
And just when a mysterious new player is rumored to have entered Millennium City's drug scene, supplying high-end drugs of pretty much unrivaled purity and potency.

Coincidence? Probably not. Time for the Progeny to shake down some drug dealers for answers.


Looking for around 4 participants. Saturday January 13th, 10AM ST.
(Time could be moved forward or backwards a few hours on request!)

This will be a standalone event in every way that matters, so do not fret about not being in the loop.
The duration of the event is expected to be approximately 3 hours, depending on the overall pace.


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