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Villains Got Talent (Progeny Event, Saturday February 24th, 10AM ST)

Date: Feb 24, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Feronius
Alliance Event: Yes

After Britain's Got Talent, American's Got Talent and now even Ireland's Got Talent! Digital flyers are making their way across social media about a new, underground talent show; Villains Got Talent. Auditions are set to be held next weekend!

Neither the media, nor the 'adult heroes' seem to consider the announcement more than a bad internet joke. They seem to dismiss the posts as some hoax or a PR stunt at best. As nobody has managed to trace the flyer to its source, or any other solid evidence of it being a legit 'thing', most reputable media outlets would not touch it with a barge pole regardless. Nobody even has a clue who the judges are meant to be. Possibly because they would have to be supervillains who might prefer to stay anonymous, but still. Who even cares for a talent show without super famous celebrity judges?

Speaking of the media; they have not been kind to The Progeny lately. Now, the time has come for The Progeny to embrace their bad boy/girl image and get into character. Under the guise of their best supervillain alter egos, the team sets out to disrupt the audition process, should it prove to be anything beyond harmless entertainment. Can they avoid the buzzer?


Looking for ideally around 4 participants. Saturday February 24th, 10AM ST.
(Depending on everyone's preference, I could shift the starting time around a little!)

Villain costumes are completely optional, but strongly encouraged! There is also this thread?
The duration of the event is estimated to be around 4 hours, depending on the overall pace.


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