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From the computer hub in the Arcade-O-Rama, the Progeny's secret HQ, it is possible to look up entries on various enemies the team has encountered before. There are entries on most on-going investigations and recurring villains (or villain organisations).

Here all Progeny members can read up on some of the nemeses the team has faced in the past.


(( Feel free to put up entries of your own (recurring) villains. For the sake of maintaining a clear overview, I would request that we limit ourselves to one post per nemesis. Simply edit the post and add to the villain's respective 'file' whenever they cross paths with the Progeny again or new information becomes available.
This allows members to easily refresh their memory when it comes to past encounters. ))
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Bloodshot, or The Huntsman as he is also known as, is a ruthless mercenary whose favored targets are mutants. He collects them, hunts them for sport, sells them to the highest bidder or uses them as a resource. The Huntsman has been used as a bogeyman tale for mutants, but it is definitely not a story suited for young children. Bloodshot is known to supplement his arsenal of heavy weapons with power stolen from mutants, by having himself augmented through gruesome surgical procedures.

Related Entries:
Mission 19: "Day at the Zoo"
  • Through an UNTIL operation lead by one Agent Jackson, a large number of animal test subjects are freed from a lab. Some of the creatures possess mutations developed in the wild, others have been turned into (partially) bionic animals.
  • The freed animals are temporarily housed at Millennium City's Zoo.
  • A nutcase sets the animals free during the night, only to hunt some of them down again.
  • The Progeny helps wrangle up the animals, several mutant animals remain unaccounted for.
Mission 20: "Monkey Business"
  • UNTIL picks up a strange signal at a Primate Research and Rescue Center in Central America.
  • Agent Jackson from UNTIL joined by Cait Sith and a member from the Protectors of the World investigate the pinged location in case this thin lead is related to the recent incident at the zoo.
  • The events turn out to be related. Someone is forcing the researchers at the Primate Center to work for them. Their main research subject is a big mutant primate, one of the missing animals.
  • The mercenary is identified as Bloodshot, a notorious mercenary wanted by UNTIL. Bloodshot himself is long gone, but the mutant primate is recaptured and the researchers are rescued.
    Note: Agent Jackson is a dick.
Mission 22: "The Urban Jungle"
  • Suspecting Bloodshot's next move, several Progeny members sign up to accompany a group of retired, elderly mutant heroes on their leisurely trip to the park. Bloodshot's next logical step is to acquire human test subjects and the elderly make for easy, unsuspecting targets.
  • Their suspicion is proven right when they are ambushed at the park by Bloodshot himself.
  • The young and old heroes defeat Bloodshot. Bloodshot is taken into custody by UNTIL.
Mission 23: "Checking the Traps"
  • The team scopes out the warehouse over in Westside that is suspected to be one of Bloodshot's bases of operations, UNTIL's Agent Jackson and Black Ice guard the perimeter,
  • Apart from dismantling Bloodshot's operations, he is still the main suspect in multiple missing person cases. Our heroes are to locate and try to rescue these missing people.
  • Two hostile mutants are encountered, who in fact turn out to be the captives. They were wearing shock collars and are the people mentioned in the missing person reports.
  • Black Ice goes missing and is suddenly nowhere to be found.
    Note: Agent Jackson is still a dick.
Mission 24: "Saving Private Oliver"
  • With the aid of Agent Jackson from UNTIL, the team tracks the missing Black Ice down to Bloodshot's hideout. A hunting cabin in the North American wilderness.
  • After bypassing all of the deadly traps, they manage to locate Black Ice.
  • Agent Jackson then pulls a gun on Kid Ballistic. It turns out Agent Jackson was being blackmailed by Bloodshot and acting as his accomplice this entire time, ever since the incident at the zoo. Everything that happened suddenly makes a lot more sense.
  • The trap is sprung, but Agent Jackson and Bloodshot are the ones who end up getting caught. Black Ice is rescued by his teammates and brought home in one piece.
    Note: Just when you thought Agent Jackson could not possibly be a bigger dick.

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Work in progress, consider this a teaser of what might be to come. #pleaselookforwardtoit
Posted with permission from @magertix to use his character/NPC in this entry.


A vigilante whose twisted sense of justice often sees him skirting the line between heroism and villainy. He uses telekinesis in conjunction with specialized, magnetic helm and gauntlets forged of an invented alloy to easily manipulate all solid metals at will.

He is also the benefactor behind the creation of Communick's personal broadcasting apparatus and related equipment, though the young hero is none the wiser to his true identity. For now, he displays a mostly-genuine interest in lending his assistance to Marc.

Related Entries:
Progeny Events

Tales from the Urban Legends: Mental Deconstruction
  • A man fitting his description is currently sought for questioning in an investigation into the collapse of a Downtown construction site, although he has proven to be elusive.
The Sound and the Fury
  • Following a lead from a list of contacts given to him by the bionic-armed hero "Sabotage", Marc O'Neill meets with Josiah Constantine, a man who might help the young hero become the force for good he's destined to be. Josiah reveals himself to be a costumed vigilante himself and offers-- "from one underdog to another''-- to design and produce Marc's own suit, replete with equipment fashioned out of his own invented alloy. It's expected to take several weeks to complete. during which Marc may need to attend to tests of the prototype.
  • Having been outfitted with his suit and equipment for several weeks now, Marc once again encounters the Constructor while on a patrol and ends up assisting him in a takedown of escaped prisoners. Marc takes a huge pratfall attempting to use his boost boots, landing hard on the ground below. He recovers to see the Constructor towering over him and is soon whisked away to the vigilante's lab, where the elder hero seems to snap, taking on a whole new personality. Josiah begins to berate Marc and his aspirations, dismissing his new friends as liabilities and even going so far as to threaten to "unmake him as easily as he was created"-- all for choosing to use the man's generosity as the means to become a hero rather than live a somewhat normal life. Josiah lets him leave once he calms down, but not before making one final plea to Marc to stop being a hero.
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The crazy 'ex-girlfriend' that Oliver never even dated. Red-Hot, her real name is Eleanora Russell, is an international supermodel and superhero, possessing calokinetic powers that her daddy bought for her sixteenth birthday. In truth, she could not care less about helping people and behaves more like a villain. She will stop at nothing to gain the media's attention and views The Progeny, especially Lash, as her biggest competition in the battle for Oliver's affection.

While perhaps technically not a villain, Red-Hot subjectively belongs in a Villain Database.

Related Entries:
Mission 18: "Beach Bash!"
  • The team joins Black Ice for a photo shoot in Hawaii, but the supposed photo shoot turns out to be an orchestrated ambush of paparazzi by supermodel/'superheroine' Eleanora Russell a.k.a. Red-Hot.
  • Red-Hot administers a paralytic agent to Black Ice, moments before a (staged) villain assault of hired mercenaries ensues.
  • The most bizarre photo shoot/villain fight commences; Red-Hot ultimately escapes by helicopter, but not before posing for the photographers with a paralyzed Oliver Black. Several sand castles are destroyed in the process.
  • The Progeny find themselves banned from a nude beach on Hawaii.
Mission 57: "Flavor of the Month"
  • Long Wang (and thus Lash) is involuntarily summoned across town, the team pursues her to the mall in Downtown Millennium City.
  • Red-Hot, along with several bodyguards, has used an ancient Chinese ritual to take control over Lash. Her grand plan is to use her new 'BFF' Lash and ambush Olevia Alvarez (unbeknownst to her, also Lash) to teach her a lesson for dating 'their' Oliver.
  • The Progeny manage to disrupt the ritual, but not without consequences. Something goes terribly wrong and Lash ends up losing the power of Long Wang as a result.
  • Eleanora is seen being escorted out by mall cops. (Thanks to her daddy's lawyers she ultimately gets off with little more than a warning, a hefty fine, plus damages.)
Mission 61: "Recipe for Disaster"
  • The Progeny reluctantly enlist the aid of Red-Hot to track down a drug baron who goes by 'The Alchemist' on the streets.
  • Red-Hot demands 'One hot date with Oliver Black' in return for her aid, to which Faith agrees (speaking on behalf of the team). She even has a contract already drawn up for The Progeny to sign. (Originally she wanted to include a kiss too.)
  • After fighting alongside The Progeny (mostly), Red-Hot ends up being arrested alongside the team as well - after failing to throw them under the bus. Though her (father's) small army of lawyers are also the reason most of the team is released again as quick as they are.
    Note: Never again.

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Passing as the simple owner of a picturesque spice shop in Millennium City's Chinatown, Mister Fu - a seemingly harmless, tiny, old man - is known as The Alchemist on the streets. A feared Asian drug baron with the mighty power of chemokinesis; the ability to manipulate the state and reactions of (non-organic) chemical elements. As if that was not bad enough, Mister Fu is also a Kung Fu master who favors the style of the monkey. Or, as Starlet calls it, a Kung Fu Wizard!

Related Entries:
Mission 57: "Flavor of the Month"
  • The Alchemist is subtly name-dropped by Red-Hot (as "some creepy, old Chinese 'all-chemist' guy"), for being the one who supplied her with the magical reagents used in an ancient Chinese ritual.
Mission 59: "Tried and Tested"
  • A mysterious new player is rumored to have entered Millennium City's drug scene, supplying high-end drugs of pretty much unrivaled purity and potency. His arrival coincides with a string of bizarre, metahuman deaths.
  • While out on patrol, The Progeny interrupt a drug deal in progress; two Asians are supplying two rich kids with a pure mutagen drug said to boost their (latent) powers.
  • The team manages to restrain and help one teen, the other sadly succumbs to the effects of the mutagen drug. Both dealers are taken in by the MCPD.
  • Communick ends up injected with a small dosage of the mutagen power booster.
Mission 60: "Trouble is Brewing"
  • Evidence goes missing, the two drug dealers are found mysteriously killed in their cells and The Progeny receive boxes of ominous Chinese fortune cookies foretelling imminent doom, should they continue to investigate.
  • The Progeny continue to investigate. A small group goes to investigate an old warehouse, uncovering an extensive drug operation. While not an outright ambush, it turns out they were expected.
  • After battling a small army of martial artists, the team comes out on top and successfully dismantles the drug operation. Unfortunately the workers set the place ablaze, destroying most of the evidence. Several arrests are made and there are no casualties. They also learn a name of the drug baron behind it, 'The Alchemist'.
  • Communick manages to secure a vial containing the mutagen power-boosting drug. A discovery he chooses not to share with the rest of the team at this time.
Mission 61: "Recipe for Disaster"
  • With the unavoidable aid of Red-Hot, The Progeny end up at Mister Fu's Spice Shop, where 'The Alchemist' can supposedly be found.
  • The team confronts and provokes the shop owner, Mister Fu. Faith tries to record part of the conversation. He somewhat betrays his true identity, Red-Hot confirms him to be 'The Alchemist', and an intense fight breaks out.
  • Given their foe, Communick decides to down the power-boosting mutagen he had procured at an earlier occasion. All of it. Fortunately Faith is there to prevent the worst case scenario - imminent death and stuff.
  • The MCPD shows up on the scene, only to witness no less than five costumed heroes assaulting a tiny, elderly Chinese man in his own (completely destroyed) shop. Both Mister Fu and The Progeny are brought in. Mister Fu will be put on trial, but it is anyone's guess if the largely circumstantial evidence will be enough to keep him locked up.

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