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pallas001 / Jan 15, 2018
Loving what Osp is doing with her FUTURE IMPERFECT arc and her INTERLUDES short stories? Want to share a story what has happened to YOUR character? Do it and receive a potential prize!

The world is darker in FUTURE IMPERFECT and its heroes have either retired, taken to the shadows, or killed. What I am looking for is a story into how this future has shaped your respective hero or heroine. This doesn't have to even be about their 'final story'... just an insight into their world and how it has affected them.

This contest has a very short span: it begins TODAY, SUNDAY JANUARY 14TH and will wrap up midnight server time on SUNDAY, JANUARY 21ST. Winners will be announced by Saturday, January 27th. Please put your short story into the respective team forum with the name 'FUTURES IMPERFECT'. I will be selecting THREE writers who will win a piece of artwork based on a character of their choosing.

So get to work and let's see how creative you can get!
pallas001 / Apr 20, 2017
In celebration of our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we are going to have a writing contest!

Our theme is VERSUS, and it could be whatever you want... your worst arch nemesis, a leaky faucet, that pesky neighborhood paperboy that never seems to aim at your front porch properly.


The winner of the contest will receive a picture of your character in battle with their (fill in the blank!). So not only do you have a story, you can SEE the story! Two secondary winners will receive full body, black and white shots of their characters. This will be open to both the Progeny and the Protectors, and the contest begins TODAY (April 20th, 2017) and will be due by FRIDAY, MAY 12th. Please put your story in the respective forum with the headline VERSUS in the title. Bonus points will be awarded if you can somehow fit in references to either team, LOL.

Looking to see what creative stories we will get!
pallas001 / Feb 26, 2017
This March we will be having an open ended story contest, A DAY IN THE LIFE. What I'm merely looking for is a glance into your character's 'story', a vignette or short story that allows us to understand more about the character.

What can you win? Let's find out!

I will be selecting TWO people for a FULL BODY ART COMMISSION of their respective character or 10 COSMIC KEYS (their choice). I will ALSO be selecting TWO people for a HEADSHOT SKETCH/ BUST of their respective character. That's FOUR chances to win! WOW!

So get cracking! The contest will begin TODAY (Sun, Feb 26th 2017) and will wrap up on MONDAY, MARCH 20TH. That gives you all THREE WEEKS to give us something which maybe, just maybe tells the group a little more about who you are. The winners will be be announced by FRIDAY, MARCH 24TH.

Please list your writing entries in their respective team forums and make sure to title it 'A DAY IN THE LIFE'. :)
pallas001 / Oct 08, 2016
Once again we will be having a Halloween themed writing contest, open to both the Protectors and the Progeny!

Contest begins TODAY (10/08/16) and entries must be in by SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29th (11:59pm server, of course!).

There will be TWO WINNING ENTRIES, so get those brains a-working and let's see some creativity up in here. Winners will receive a bust or half body, full colored commission piece of their character. Put it in the whichever team's respective forum but be sure to label it as 'GHOSTS AND GOBLINS 2016'.

Good luck!

pallas001 / Sep 06, 2016
Thanks to all who submitted entries in our 'Violence of Summer' contest!


They will each be the recipient of a piece of artwork of their respective characters. Thank you all SO MUCH for your entries and allowing others to see your creativity.

We will be having another writing contest shortly!
pallas001 / Aug 07, 2016
Looking to be creative and maybe win a prize at the same time? Look no further! Our next writing contest is here!

The theme is 'VIOLENCE OF SUMMER'... feel free to go without in whatever way you choose as long as it somehow pertains to that idea. Both Protectors and Progeny members are allowed to participate, but please no more than 1 entry per person to keep it fair.

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, August 31st. Contest winners (there will be TWO!) wil be announced by Monday, September 5th. Winners will receive a half body, full color character piece to display on their PRIMUS page or wherever!

Hope to see some interesting things from you. :)
pallas001 / Feb 27, 2016
"This one time, at the Barlowe..."

Well, what DID happen that one time at the Barlowe Building? I want YOU to let US know! The actual story subject is open to YOU to answer, and that is the focus of this contest! It can be anything from the practical to the zany, the most mundane to the most incredibly off the wall cosmic event. Just have fun with it. :)

What will you win? Well, glad you asked! The top winner will receive their character in a GLORIOUS, FULL COLOR ART PIECE (full or half body, depending on artist) or 10 COSMIC KEYS IN GAME. The second and third place winners will receive A FULL COLOR, HALF BODY OR BUST PIECE OF ART of their character (amount of character shown dependent upon artist)) or 5 COSMIC KEYS IN GAME.

All you need do is showcase your talents in writing for a chance to win. Contest begins today, Feb. 27th and ends on March 19th, Entries should be posted in our fiction forum with the title "THIS ONE TIME, AT THE BARLOWE...".

I'm looking forward to seeing the creativity that you all are capable of. Good luck!